Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Private Jets for Dogs? Just ask Vince

Vince Neil had a problem. He needed to shuttle his dogs between his and his estranged wife's house (San Francisco and Vegas). The problem was that his wife refused (smartly) to kennel the dogs and ship them in the cargo hold of an airliner! She'd probably heard of all the pets that die in transit, and the terrifying conditions pets are forced to endure there. So Vince had been chartering jets to move the pooches back and forth. Eventually Vince realized that with all the money he was spending on charter he should pony up and buy a jet. So he did. A jet. For his dogs. According to Vince,

I bought an airplane for the dogs because I have a home in San Francisco and Las Vegas and my (estranged) wife won’t put them on the crate so I bought a jet to get my dogs back and forth. I would have to charter planes for the dogs all the time and it was getting so expensive that I realized it was cheaper to buy a plane than to keep chartering it.

Oh to have more money than good sense...